We are building an online community for equestrian people. We here at Horseback Trail Adventures have owned horses most of our lives. We have going trail riding, horse camping, and showed at local saddle club shows in our area. I wanted to make a better way for horse owners and horse people to meet and share. When you register with Horseback Trail Adventures you become part of our equestrian community (registering is free!). You will be able to join in the forums, mark other users as friends, Have a profile wall like on facebook, and send message to other users. You can make groups with your friends that you have control over to help share with each other. You can join in our forums that we have here for you to talk about horse trails, horse motels, camp grounds, and saddle clubs.

The horse directory here on Horseback Trail Adventures started out as a list of sites that I searched on the internet. As this list got bigger I started to put them in a database. Now we have just upgraded to a new database and directory software to help you find information faster and easier. We are still hand searching all the listing that you will find in the directory and entering the information.
The directory can be sorted by states that will show all the categories but with just the listings for that state. You can do an advance search which will let you search by zip codes. Pick how many miles around you want to have show up. Each listing page shows 10 listings per page. There is google maps at the top with markers that you can see where each of the listings are on that page.