Local Horse Shows

Spring is now in the air and there are many that have been getting ready to start up their favorite sport. While some have been getting ready all winter others are just now getting their horses out and working them. These are the ones that like toshow their horses. Many will show in local horse…

Users can now Blog!

Users can now Blog!

Something new for the users. You can now upload and share pictures with a short story or you can write a full blog page. With the change is a new layout for the front page that will show a little of each post for people to see.  

Welcome to Horseback Trail Adventures.

We would like to welcome you to our site. We are in the process of building this site so everything is new. What we will have to offer is a database of horse trails, camping areas, and over night horse motels. We also have forums that you can join in and there are groups. Tell…